Fit Reminders and Tips for Toddler / Kids / Preschool Boulder Gear Outerwear

  • SNOW BIBS – Fits true to size
    • When removing the snow bib from its packaging, you will immediately think they look larger than their size. Be sure to try them on your child as you will find with the adjustable straps that they will fit true to size while still allowing for growth. The snow bib should be approximately 2 inches longer than their everyday pants to allow for covering of their snow boots.
    • As the child tries on the snow bib, be sure to have them bend down / kneel down to ensure the garment is not tugging at the crotch. If it tugs, adjust the straps and have the child perform these actions again to ensure appropriate fit.
    • The snow bibs also come with a “Grow With Me” feature to allow you to increase the length of the legs as your child grows. Locate the red thread stitch line above the inside snow cuff, snip this thread / remove it. The length will expand approximately 1.5 inches.
  • INSULATED SNOW JACKETS – Fits true to size.
    • When trying the jacket on your child, remember that you will need to allow room for a sweater / sweatshirt AND snow bibs / snow pants. So, though it may first appear too roomy, this extra room is needed to accommodate these items. It is best to try snow jackets on the child when he/she is in full winter apparel.
    • If sleeve length is longer than child needs, merely push the sleeve up and adjust the cuff tab. This will only need to be done as you initially fit the garment on the child and then can be left as placed.
    • Also, to avoid air or snow from going up the bottom of the jacket, always take advantage of the sewn in cinch cord to tighten the bottom of the jacket so it does not protrude out.
    • The jacket sleeves have a “Grow With Me” feature which allows you to extend the length of the sleeve. Locate the red stitch line in the inside of the sleeve, just above the cuff. Snip the red thread / remove it and the sleeve length will expand approximately 1.5 inches.
    • Mittens and gloves should have a minimum of ¼ inch of excess space at the end of the child’s fingertips. This helps to allow warmth to circulate in the hand covering.
    • Approximate sizing of gloves / mittens are as follows:
      • Small Ages 2-3
      • Medium Ages 4-5
      • Large Ages 5-6
      • X-Large Ages 6-7
  • D-LITE PUFFY JACKET – Fits true to size
    • Perfect for cool days OR as a layering piece on cold days.
    • Water resistant – not waterproof
  • REVERSIBLE INSULATOR – Fits true to size
    • Great, comfy garment for cool days OR as a layering piece on cold days.
    • This garment is not water resistant or waterproof.
  • MICRO FLEECE – Fits true to size although sleeve length may be a bit long
    • If sleeve length is longer than child needs, the sleeve easily folds up.
  • HATS – One size fits most
    • May be too large for sizes 2T – 3T