Fit Reminders and Tips for Boulder Gear Men's Outerwear

  • INSULATED SNOW JACKETS – Fit true to size
    • When trying on your jacket, be sure to wear the type of clothing you would typically wear on a winter day to ensure proper fit.
    • If you wear snow pants, you will want to be sure you have enough room at the waist and hip of the jacket to accommodate the snow pants.
    • Two-way zippers (zipper head at both top and bottom of zipper) in a jacket are an excellent feature for comfort when sitting or doing an activity in which you like a bit of extra room at the bottom of the jacket. If you purchase a garment with a two-way zipper, be sure to fully align the zipper slider against the zipper bottom stop. The zipper pin must then be fully inserted into both the slider and the bottom stop before zipping the jacket. Although zipping a two-way zipper can be just a bit tricky at first, you will quickly enjoy the benefits of a two-way zipper.
    • If sleeve length is a bit long, merely push the sleeve up and adjust the cuff tab. Extra length is necessary for those times when you choose to pull your sleeve over your gloves / mittens.
    • Many of our jackets include an inside waist gaiter. When used, this feature helps to prevent cold air / snow from getting under your jacket. At times when you don’t find that necessary, merely leave the waist gaiter unsnapped.
    • Remember to take advantage of the bottom cinch cord to tighten the bottom of the jacket and prevent it from protruding at the hips.
    • Select styles have an internal cinch cord at the waist. Take advantage of this feature to add extra shape to your jacket.
    • If your jacket has cuffs with a thumb hole, you may choose to use this feature to prevent cold air / snow from going up your sleeves.
    • If your jacket has side ventilation zippers, you may open these when you need a bit of extra air to cool you down.
    • Caprice Pull Over / D-Lite Puffy Pull Over – Each of these garments include side zippers for ease in putting on the jacket.
  • SNOW PANTS – Fit true to size
    • Snow pants should be approximately 2 inches longer than your everyday pants to allow for covering of your snow boots.
    • Be sure to use the waist band adjustment for the perfect fit when available.
    • Leg Ventilation (when available), located on the inside seam of each leg, allows air in to cool down when needed.